Traditional Building System Solutions

In our commitments, our target is to undertake each process of construction, construct conforming to standards, substantial, aesthetical and useful buildings and deliver it on time to the customers.

Our qualified founder members’ have good previous work experiences too, so from past to present, we always choose the best materials and work with skilled workers. We always prioritize esthetics and quality factors in completion with our key personnels which is formed by architects and engineers.

Our company get involved in the numerous building project with young but experienced architect, engineer and technician team, who follow closely developing world technology so find solution about different construction forms by research and development.


High Technology Prefabricated and Steel Structure System Solutions

In the industrial construction sector, we aim to be leading and reliable company that uses appropriate technology, offers turn-key solutions, regards of customers’ satisfaction, be the first choice of local and foreign business partners at domestic and abroad. We are on target to represent our country in the best possible way in the internetional arena about prefrabricated concrete and steel system in the industrial construction sector, moreover firstly we take into consideration customer’s satisfaction, we offer economic and rapid solutions in design and construction phases of projects.

We offer industrial building design ,completion and erection service in the industrial construction sector with qualified employees, experienced in steel construction both Turkish and the world market.

We are experienced in subject of steel and prefabricated concrete construction because of reinforced concretestructure, healthy , durable, functional and earthquake resistant construction. In contemplation of ‘ Science and Technology in Construction’, we target to offer quality,rapid and economic service to our employers in line with advancing technology in prefabricated concrete and steel constructions.


Renovation, Decoration, Restoration and Reinforcement System Solutions

We construct all kinds of place as a shelter, rest area or place of entertainment in aesthetics creativity with economic and technical opportunities for moving up in the world within our knowledge. We build the future with previous experiences in order to well qualified life place so we decorate all the way host, house, workplace, store and manufacture of furniture; also design architectural project and do civil work.

After defining customer’s life style and his\her demand we design our projection toward this request and our architecural knowledge.

We estimate that used place should give a magic touch to people, can abide by balance of nature and continues its work in line with principle. In accordince with this, we are target to design profitible,aesthetic and artistic places according to intended purpose of places.

On the other hand, strengthening of buildings for earthquakes countermeasure is a work that requires expertise and diligence. Concerning this issue, our experienced staff inspects build, we design and fulfil for anti-earthquake rainforcement to last instruction. Our aim to make inaccurated and incompleted buildings reusable.


Residence, Build Operate Transfer

Our company is the strong representative which met increasingly continue housing deficit and a lot of family became a homeowner; it became the symbol of reliabilty and quality.

Our mission is; communing with nature, safety, modern and aesthetic buildings for people who are rich or not; moreover, aiming to produce the best and qualified work that starts from every detail in the vital activity in construction sector.

  • Basing on supply and demand equilibrium in real estate market, we develop design criteria and project definition in conformity up to your personal need.
  • Feasibility and financial modeling prepared,
  • Best use analysis and return of investment analysis and project decision are provided basis and are guaranteed commercial achievement of your project,
  • Designer selection and strategic planning work is done, the whole process is managed and reported periodically,
  • ‘Profit Maximisation’ and ‘Solution Optimisation’ are ensured.