CORPORATE DECORATION (Modification/ Repairment/Reinforcement)

We construct all kinds of place as a shelter, rest area or place of entertainment in aesthetics creativity with economic and technical opportunities for moving up in the world within our knowledge. We build the future with previous experiences in order to well qualified life place so we decorate all the way host, house, workplace, store and manufacture of furniture; also design architectural project and do civil work.

After defining customer’s life style and his\her demand we design our projection toward this request and our architecural knowledge.

We estimate that used place should give a magic touch to people, can abide by balance of nature and continues its work in line with principle. In accordince with this, we are target to design profitible,aesthetic and artistic places according to intended purpose of places.

On the other hand, strengthening of buildings for earthquakes countermeasure is a work that requires expertise and diligence. Concerning this issue, our experienced staff inspects build, we design and fulfil for anti-earthquake rainforcement to last instruction. Our aim to make inaccurated and incompleted buildings reusable.