LFM Yapı was established in a joint venture of architect Levent ERDEM and architect Meltem ERDEM in 2002. The aim of our company that supplying quality, assurance and maximum customer satisfaction in the construction industry and same today, we act in accordance with this purpose.

LFM Yapı also established a group company which is named Trio Industrial Plants LLC in the second quarter of 2013 and due to Trio Industry Limited Company, LFM is institutionalized and specialized not only in construction business but also real estate development projects. It took part in shopping malls and industrial structures, residential and tourism development until this time.

LFM Yapı,which has never made any concessions about quality, cost and completion time during in all of its projects, has the power to be organised rapidly and accurately, depending on the project size and location of the project to be performed.

The most important asset of our company is qualified human resources so that quality of our products and service starts with our qualified employees’ performance. The most important factor that makes us stronger is working with key employees who has comprehensive experience in project design and engineering knowledge at the same time. So our company always aims at good quality of corporate structure both in customer relations and sustainable project performance.

We, both in domestic and on abroad, sustain development from design to construction on customer’s desires as LFM Yapı and its group companies.